We are celebrating the successful training of our first pre-apprentice young men as they acquired and honed their hands-on skills in residential renovation. This fully renovated home sold before it was completed to a dynamic young couple. Our commitment to high quality work also led to both trainees being hired by a local
construction company following 7 months and 1100 combined hours of training.

Our Trainees acquired the following skills while working on this project

  • personal safety

  • tools and their use

  • framing

  • Insulation

  • Drywall (types and installation)

  • Subfloor, 3/4” hardwood flooring installation

  • Trim work (miters & copes)

  • Caulking

  • Painting

  • Landscaping

  • Lawncare

Soft skills acquired

  • Communication

  • General work ethics

  • Interviewing

  • Culture of American business

  • and more

These before and after photos help tell the story of their experience with EZRA52…

1 training for every 5 retiring in the Trades

According to gobuildtennessee.com, for every five people retiring from the construction trades in Tennessee there is only one person in training to take their place.   

 EZRA52 supports refugees and immigrants in the Memphis community by preparing them to help fill the current void in the trades. Many of these workers have had building experience in their home countries. What they need most are English classes and hands-on training to adapt and enhance their skills to American standards. 

 E52 provides this opportunity by buying houses in marginal to stable neighborhoods in Memphis and Shelby County. Our trainees learn by doing. Working alongside volunteer and paid professionals, language and cultural barriers disappear, community is established, and skills are honed quickly. Through intensive training, these eager workers are ready for your construction sites, and remodeled homes are available for sale to help improve neighborhoods. 

Get Involved.

  • Help our trained workers connect with area construction companies
  • Volunteer to help with soft skills development (resume, interviewing, etc.)
  • Lend your skills in any of the trades to help train and complete a renovation.
  • Help EZRA52 find our next house to renovate and train more workers
  • Connect us with others doing similar work

  • Support us with your prayers and resources

Contact Us

EZRA52 is a non-profit LLC and program of Memphis Leadership Foundation.  All proceeds from the sale of the homes we renovate go back into the not-for-profit to help offset future costs and train more workers for the construction trades.