A local nonprofit, EZRA52 supports refugees and immigrants in our community by preparing them for jobs in the construction industry. Many of these workers have had building experience in their home countries. What they need most are English classes and hands-on training to adapt and enhance their skills to American standards.

E52 provides this opportunity by buying houses in marginal to stable neighborhoods in Memphis and Shelby County. Our trainees learn by doing. Working alongside volunteer and paid professionals, language and cultural barriers disappear, community is established, and skills are honed quickly. Through intensive training, these eager workers are ready for your construction sites, and remodeled homes are available for sale to help improve neighborhoods.

Our trainees are all screened carefully. And we link them with needed social services to make sure they are settled in their new lives and ready to be your best new employees—reliable, appreciative, cooperative and well-trained. Our trainees won’t stay on the job market long. But if you’re part of E52, you’ll have firsts dibs on the best.

We Are Rebuilding Community

Contact us to find out how you can get involved and connect with workers who can help grow your business.

A program of Memphis Leadership Foundation